PLJ Block Management Update - Pets

PLJ Block Management Update - Pets

Blocks PLJ 22nd May 2023

Block Management Update 

Pets at Leasehold Properties

We have been receiving a significant uplift in requests for pets at the sites which we manage.

In some instances this is a simple process, but in many it can present problems to both the lessee or prospective lessee making the enquiry (for example when looking to purchase an apartment) and to the incumbent residents.

Most leases contain a covenant which states that 'permission to keep a pet at the property must be obtained from the Landlord/ Freeholder/ Management Company, such permission not to be unreasonably withheld'.

In practice what this is likely to mean is that pets which are considered unlikely to cause a nuisance to other residents (eg from noise, allergies or fouling) would be more likely to have permission granted than those who don't.

Examples of this could be that house cats might be permitted, but dogs that require access via communal areas or would be in a property with hard flooring would be less likely to have permission granted.

Our advice would always be please check your lease terms prior to acquiring a pet, it is not a 'given' that permission will be granted, but once the pet is in residence it can make for a stressful process for all concerned!

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