Landlords: easy 4-step guide to switch to PLJ

Landlords: easy 4-step guide to switch to PLJ

Lettings PLJ 30th July 2019

Here’s our easy 4-step guide


1 Look out the management agreement that you have with your letting agent and ask them how much notice you are required to give in order to end your agreement with them, and if they think that there are any costs involved with this.

2 If you would like to take legal advice at this stage then bring your current agreement into PLJ and we will ask a local solicitor to check it over for you. This initial consultation is FREE to you if you switch to PLJ

3 Give written notice to your agent that you intend to end the agreement. If possible, arrange this to coincide with the date that rent is due, as this makes it simpler to arrange the new payment process.

4 We’ll ask you to sign a new agreement with Philip Laney & Jolly and we will write to introduce ourselves to your tenants and help them to change their payment from your previous agent to Philip Laney & Jolly.

We will carry out the first visit on your behalf, ensure that all is well and that there’s a smooth transition.



If you need help from us at any point during the switching process, we are just a phone call away and more than happy to assist.


And that’s all there is to it!