E-cycles and Leasehold

E-cycles and Leasehold

Blocks PLJ 18th March 2024

Block Management Update - March 2024

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Updated Advice on E-Cycles 

There is a growing market for e-cycles in the UK, assisted by attempts to reduce carbon emissions, fuel costs or just to become more active. Battery assisted cycling is being adopted by more and more people but whilst most e-cycles are very safe, as with all items with lithium batteries there is a risk of fire - particularly for counterfeit, damaged or poorly modified e-cycles and batteries, or when the incorrect charger is used.

Fires linked to lithium batteries can cause serious, rapidly developing fires that are hard to extinguish and may generate toxic fumes as well as damage to property.

With regards to e-cycles in leasehold property, our policy includes;

- Do not charge an e-cycle or battery where if a fire were to break out it would prevent you safely leaving your home

- Storing and charging of e-cycles must not occur on escape routes or in internal communal areas

- Batteries should be regularly checked for any damage, if any damage is suspected the battery must not be charged

- Modifications to e-cycles must be done having consulted the relevant permitted legislative actions

Warning signs for Fire Risk

- Heat - a battery that is hot to the touch is likely to be defective

- Bulging, lumps and leaks - a battery that is out of shape is a common sign of it failing

- Noise - such as cracking or hissing should not occur during charging

- Smell - a strong or unusual smell may be a sign of a defective battery

- Performance - a battery which is taking longer to charge may be a sign that the battery is failing

- Smoke - if the battery is smoking, a fire is already occurring - Raise the alarm, get out, stay out and call 999 immediately


Useful Articles

Please find below links to articles which may be of interest;

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A link to registering your bike and any possible product recalls

Reporting to Trading Standards - Citizens Advice

Link for registering faulty batteries

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