Bespoke art for your home

Bespoke art for your home

Blocks PLJ 24th October 2023


We have all looked at a painting and thought “really like this but it is too small, the wrong colours for my room, or needs a different frame.

We wonder “how would this look in my room?”

Through the PLJ Gallery you can now make your art your own.

We can make paintings bigger, commission art works in different colours from the original artist, or reframe in a variety of styles.


COMMISSIONS - own your own unique work of art, created just for you.

Choose a painting from the PLJ Gallery that suits your style and we will try to commission one just for you from the Artist.

Many of our exhibitors are happy to carry out commissions. Some artists prefer to deal through the Gallery, rather than speaking direct to the customer.


CUSTOMISE – change the size, choose the framing method and style to suit your room.

An interior design “trick” is to suggest to clients that they find a piece of artwork that they like and then use those colours as a basis for their redecoration. That way, everything blends nicely together. But what if you like the existing set up and just want a fresh work of art?

And what size would look just right. Which style of framing (box, floating, traditional) to use.


CREATE SIMULATIONS – how will it look in my room

At The PLJ Gallery we now offer a solution to the “how would this look in my room” problem by creating a simulation using a photograph of the wall that you would like the painting to hang on.

The size that the painting needs to be can then be estimated using the size of the wall as a guide.

Framing styles can be simulated too.

This is a free service for paintings purchased through the PLJ Gallery.



Our consultant will be in on gallery exhibition days, but to book an appointment for you please email

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