Blocks PLJ 2nd January 2023

ALLISON DUMBRELL at the PLJ Gallery, Great Malvern


The POP-UP Art Exhibition on Saturday 30 September will feature new and recent art from 4 local Artists including Herefordshire artist Allison Dumbrell.


You can follow this link to see her exceptional Works of Art by clicking on this link


Allison tells us that “my main interest is in abstract art, including Dutch pouring techniques and I find inspiration from my love of nature and the great outdoors being an avid gardener, nordic walker and lover of animals and birds.”


“I love the use of bright colours (which I find particularly vibrant in acrylic paints) and allowing my imagination to take control.”


“I use any manner of tools and implements to create my paintings - ranging from brushes, and palette knifes to a squeegee, hairdryer, defuser, marbles, balloons, candlesticks, straws, or blow torch, to create movement.” 


The PLJ Gallery Exhibition theme is “Fresh Art for a Fresh Home” and is an eclectic mix of Contemporary Art, Abstract, Semi-Abstract and Decorative works.

We look forward to seeing you there on Saturday.

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