PLJ Block Management Update - March 2023

PLJ Block Management Update - March 2023

Blocks PLJ 31st March 2023

Block Management Update - March 2023

Welcome to our periodic update on Block Management News

We aim to regularly update our Leasehold clients with Industry information, activity within our business, and general items which we think you may find beneficial.

Industry News

Fire Safety - has been the focus for much of the year so far, the majority of sites have had their communal fire doors inspected by a qualified assessor and where possible apartment front doors were assessed on the same visit.

Over the course of the next few weeks we will be sending out the results of the apartment front door assessments along with some advice on how to make your front door compliant.

Contractors have been sourced for works required to communal doors, at some sites this will be on a phased basis depending on the amount of works required.

Residents are likely to start to see works occurring in the common parts in the coming weeks in order to ensure compliance with the updated Fire Reform Act.


For sites over 11 metres in height, the updated Act places further requirements on inspections of fire doors for which we have implemented processes.

Updates on these will be provided at Board Meetings, Lessees Meetings and Annual General Meetings if appropriate.

A link to the updated Government Fire Door advice can be found here;

Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022: fire door guidance - GOV.UK (



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