Block Management Update June 2023

Block Management Update June 2023

Blocks PLJ 26th June 2023

Block Management Update - June 2023

Welcome to our periodic update on Block Management News

We aim to regularly update our Leasehold clients with Industry information, activity within our business, and general items which we think you may find beneficial.

Industry News

Renters Reform Bill

As you may have read in the media lately, the Renters (Reform) Bill had its first reading in Parliament on 17th May. Whilst much of the proposed changes relate to protection from 'no fault evictions', the reform bill also makes reference to pets at properties. 

This may have relevance in the leasehold sector, as whilst the reforms would enable tenants a right to request to keep a pet in the property, it is currently our understanding that this does not necessarily mean that in a leasehold apartment block this request must be accepted.

Many blocks have a covenant in the lease prohibiting the keeping of pets, or the requirement of permission from the Freeholder - who may not be obliged to provide consent if it is not in the best interests of the site as a whole.


Useful Articles

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