This year - don't wait until Easter!

This year - don't wait until Easter!

Sales PLJ 23rd January 2024

At this time every year, people ask “should we put our property on the market now, or wait until Easter?”

Spring has traditionally been associated with a time of change and this has always had a bearing on the property market.

But we have serious buyers who have not given up over the winter, and some are eager to buy, but they are frustrated by a lack of choice as many properties were held back because of the uncertainty caused by the Truss debacle and in the mistaken belief that nobody will be looking until it was all over.

So sellers can take advantage of this temporary imbalance of supply and demand by being one of the properties that is actually new on the market!

Every viewing will count, as you will be dealing with serious buyers.

If you are thinking about a sale this year, we suggest you take advantage of the situation and ready your property for an early sale at a time when demand is likely to outstrip supply.

And remember – Easter Monday is early this year, on the first of April.


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