The PLJ Gallery - The Bookworm

The PLJ Gallery - The Bookworm

Blocks PLJ 6th October 2022




We know that some children are desperate to learn to read.

And some really really really are not

Grandparents worry – they know that reading opens up a whole new world for a child. It is the key that unlocks so much out there.

We say nothing. We listen and we sympathise.

It sometimes just needs just one spark to ignite their interest.

If we are lucky, an inspirational teacher comes along, or an author creates that spark and that lights the way – and then they are off!


Parents then of course complain that the child will not put their book down and go to sleep!

We grandparents smile, quietly, and say nothing.

The end



Rog Barter


The Philip Laney & Jolly Gallery


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