Selling September 28, 2023

Tips to speed up a property sale

Having your home on the market is an exciting yet nerve-wracking experience which requires a combination of strategy and patience. However, if you’re eager to get a ‘SOLD’ sign planted out front, there are plenty of simple ways to potentially speed up your sale. 

Here are The Guild’s top tips for a faster sale: 


Make sure everything is prepared 

Having everything ready well in advance is integral to the moving process, especially if you’re eager to find your next home. Preparing your home for viewings on the surface could seem like a simple spring clean, but you must consider things like decluttering, depersonalising, and staging to make your home more appealing to buyers. 


Gather documents for your solicitor as early as possible 

As your solicitor deals with lengthy property information forms, they will need you to provide supporting documents. Getting these completed and ready will allow your solicitor to send them to the buyer’s party as soon as you accept their offer. Property forms to complete include: 

  • Property information form (TA6) 

  • Fittings and contents form (TA10) 

  • Leasehold information form (leasehold properties only) 

You should also collect any warranties, building regulation certificates or gas safety certificates and have them ready. 


Set a realistic asking price 

Even while the market is buoyant, setting a realistic asking price is the best way to secure the right buyer and to see the full transaction through to completion without serious issues arising. An unrealistic or uninformed asking price can be off-putting to potential buyers, which could lead to your home staying on the market for longer than expected. A local agent will be able to provide you with the most accurate valuation of your home, so you can set an asking price that is fair and precise.  


Choose an experienced and reputable agent 

Choosing the right estate agent is essential to a quick sale. Find someone local who has experience in selling properties like yours, and you’ll already be a few steps ahead. Local agents have their fingers on the pulse when it comes to the property market, and their expert guidance can help you with proper timing to streamline your sale and avoid delays.  


Choose a good solicitor 

Seek out a reputable solicitor as soon as your house is on the market so that they have ample time to complete identity checks and anti money laundering checks before moving on to the legal work. You may be able to gauge how efficient a solicitor is during the pre-instruction process. If there are serious delays in communication before you have instructed them, you may want to take this as a bad sign and look elsewhere.  


Check online reviews 

Poor service could slow you down, and you’ll be relying on the service of many different parties during the sales process. Checking through online reviews might help you filter out companies and individuals who won’t make the process any faster.  


Be proactive 

Clear communication is extremely important to achieve a successful home sale. Make sure you respond to emails and return calls promptly to avoid delays. It’s also a good idea to check in weekly with your solicitor and estate agent as they will be able to keep you updated through each stage of the process.  


Contact us 

Local expertise is the key to a fast and successful sale. Every local Guild Member has been exclusively chosen based on their knowledge and dedication to the property market. Find yours today. 


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