Many Estate Agents say that accompanied viewings are a waste of time and money

At PL&J, we encourage our clients to let us accompany prospective buyers when they want to view the property. Clients have the choice of course - they may prefer to do the viewings themselves, or want to be in the property when people come round. 

We like to provide this service because it works. We estimate that it gives us up to a 50% better chance of selling a property if we attend the viewing. One of our directors is a Chartered Accountant. Ask yourself – would a Chartered Accountant spend money if it did not produce a pay-back?

Many Estate Agents simply do not have enough staff to be able to do accompanied viewings, and it is more comfortable to sit in a nice warm office. And they would have to find another car parking space when they got back. (At PL&J we rent car parking spaces for our staff so that they can make the most efficient use of their time)


Our research shows that people identify better with a new property if they do not associate it with the current occupants. They want to imagine how they would live there, use the space, make changes. Difficult if they are being shown round by the current occupiers.

People are much more comfortable asking an agent about the property, than asking the current occupants. They much prefer talking privately about making alterations to the property (eg changing the decor or replacing the kitchen) in front of the agent.

With our experience (and we have seen a few properties in our time) we can sometimes make helpful suggestions too. Many sales are won at this point. If we can talk openly with the buyers then potential misunderstandings can be quickly put right.

Being in attendance helps to develop a relationship between us and the buyers which can be helpful further down the process. If we understand the needs of the buyers and the sellers then we can bring both sides to an agreement much more easily.

And we get to know the property better too.


We send experienced staff out on viewings, not the office junior. Follow up calls are always made by us to gain feedback for our clients and to answer any further queries that may occur.

Waste of time and money?

We don’t think so.

We want to sell or let your property. Sometimes “old fashioned” Estate Agency does work best!



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